Barix Audio surveillance solutions can be used to monitor an area. The Barix Annuncicom device can be set for monitoring alarm situations like screaming or shooting.

Integrating audio with video surveillance, it makes sense to use separate Barix Annuncicom audio devices, as the ideal location for a video camera (with built in microphone) is typically not the ideal location for a microphone for ensuring the best audio quality.

Extending from a passive video surveillance mode into an active system operators can target announcements to specific areas under observation or give advice and instructions. PA messages to advice the public of a general situation are also a possibility

A range of Barix Exstreamer models ensures that there is one for every need. Models with lineout for hooking into an existing PA system, with a powerful built in amplifier for a car park or with PoE and amplifier for an IP speaker.

To monitor areas, using Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors, door contacts, switch on lights, open barriers, activate flashing lights, the Barix Barionet IP I/O device is designed to take all these in-and outputs to the central system.



  • Barix product for every situation
  • Adjustable Microphone & Speaker settings over IP
  • Small form factor
  • Barix partnering with all major video surveillance companies



The use for Audio & Video surveillance is everywhere. Adding Barix IP Audio devices, turns an existing video surveillance into an active solution.

Audio surveillance is used at counters of banks and retail shops to monitor and record purposes to spot collusion, to identify staff training needs or to have an audio log of client transactions. In an elevator, announcements can be made and at the same time the Barix device can be monitoring for alarm situations.

Monitoring based on noise level activity at train platform, street corners, prison cells, remote areas is another application of audio surveillance with Barix devices.

Also for simple eavesdropping for law enforcement agencies, Barix products are ideal.
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