Audio Signage

Just start the „Audio Signage“ App, scan QR code and enjoy listening!


Barix Audio Signage solutions offer the first true way to deliver very high quality audio in synchronization with video signage content. Audio Signage is designed to give screens a voice in retail shops and everywhere else where you can find a screen.


The solution is based on a proprietary Barix technology that generates low-latency audio streams for real-time streaming to consumers.  In retail shops, consumers inside a store or peering through a shopping window can receive streams on their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices.  Streams can be single- or multi-channel, with the latter opening up possibilities for retailers to deliver streams in multiple languages.


The end-to-end architecture requires a Barix Instreamer for each encoded audio signal, which delivers high-quality, low-latency streams to a Wi-Fi access point. Consumers can access the stream using the Barix Audio Signage mobile app, available in App Stores. At the video screens, consumers may be invited to scan a QR code to receive the stream.


Barix Audio Signage works with any digital signage player to ensure synchronization with video streams, delivering a true multi-sensorial approach to captivate and upsell audiences.



  • Low-latency, high-quality audio streams
  • Multi-channel audio capability
  • Compatibility with DS players for video synchronization
  • Appealing mobile app for consumer engagement
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements at businesses



  • Personalized shopping experience in retail environments
  • Informational points on campuses and in transportation centers
  • Entertainment in hospitality surroundings (hotels, sports bars)
  • Anywhere there is a digital signage screen