Audio Signage

Just start the „Audio Signage“ App, scan QR code and enjoy listening!


Audio Signage is a smart solution by Barix to evolve the possibilities of Digital Signage. The audio stream of any TV channel can be sent over a WiFi connection to the customer’s smartphone to enable an intimate entertainment of the customer without disturbing the business environment with music or sound. The Barix Audio Signage App can be downloaded from the Apple and Google App store, and can be used together with earphones or loudspeakers to listen to the audio. When different audio channels are available, the Audio Signage Info Server Application can be loaded onto a Barix Exstreamer Store&Play device to show the channel information on the Audio Signage App. The network traffic and number of users must be kept in eye as a critical factor. Barix provides an application, with note and configuration file, for the Huawai AP5130DN Access Point, to configure the WiFi signal into a unicast stream and reach better audio quality. 



  • Personalizes the sound in hotel-lobbies or public buildings
  • Museum guidance with mobile phone or other devices
  • Looking at a store window from outside
  • Listening to music while working out in the gym 


  • Low-latency, high-quality audio streams
  • Single channel or multi-channel featuring
  • Automatic recognition and dynamic listing of available channels
  • Optional QR code to select the channel
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Audio Format: PCM / 24kHz 16bit mono
  • Multicast streaming
  • Stream audio over music command to improve mobile connection
  • Change of frame buffer size to achieve smooth playback
  • API available to integrate Audio Point functionality within your own Apps
  • Customizable logo on the App
  • File based configuration of different sites
  • Easy down- and uploading of configuration files

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