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Silence MonitorBeta-Test available

Instant alarm when your radio is disconnected

By using out of band connectivity, the audio monitoring solution will be operational and report even if local IP connectivity is not any more available. Silence Monitor also allows the use of both local as well as out-of-band connection technology at the same time for even higher reliability. The audio silence monitoring or active audio level monitoring is then reporting via the network connection, but when this fails, 4G/NB-IOT kicks in, providing the user not only audio level monitoring but also network/infrastructure monitoring at no additional cost.

Main Features

  • Reliably monitors your feed 24/7
  • Realtime alerts sent direct to your smartphone
  • Hear the last 10 seconds of audio
  • Auto-detects network connection issues
  • Audio output to provide backup content


  • RCA input (2 channels)
  • Wide temperature operating range
  • External power adaptor, 100-240VAC, 10W
  • 108x38x78.7mm (4.25×1.5×3.1 inch)
  • Sturdy aluminium case

Cloud and Connectivity 

  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Optional LTE 4G / 3G / NB-IoT connection
  • Requires a subscription

Configuration (via cloud) 

  • Single or dual channel
  • Adjustable monitoring level
  • Adjustable time window
  • Backup content play schedule

What You Need

Silence Monitor Package

Silence Monitor App

Analog output

Silence Monitor Portal

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