Live Audio to Mobile Phones

Simple solutions to stream audio from source to mobile phones.

Near lip-sync Wi-Fi streaming

Live audio streaming from Barix is especially usefull for applications such as giving a voice to a digital signage screen, for lobby TV and real time translation services. It also works for the hearing impaired and any installation where you need near-lip sync transmission. The AudioPoint allows to broadcast to the listeners on Apple and Android phones at seminars, conferences, in churches and at the point of sale.

AudioPoint 3.0

  • Near-lip sync, low-latency encoder for unicast streaming
  • 2 channels (mono) per AudioPoint 3.0 device
  • WiFi connection that works with many WiFi routers
  • 100 to 250 users per router and device, extendable
  • Optional QR Code to select channel
  • Extremely good price value on the market

Internet Radio Live Streaming

The simplest solution to stream live audio to mobile phones is by using a web radio. Users can directly join your stream with their standard web browser.  The Instreamer ICE has an Icecast server built in to start streaming directly. It is able to feed up to 100 web radio listeners without the requirement to subscribe to an internet radio service provider.

Instreamer ICE

  • Stream compatible in all browsers
  • No user app, no user registration required
  • Stereo line level input 
  • 100 users per device, extendable
  • Simplest solution for a web radio stream

Audio Paging to Mobile Phones

Security relevant alerts and other paging messages are limited to the area of the load speaker. With the Paging Cloud solution from Barix, you can send instant messages to visitors and staff.  The message of your existing paging system will be sent directly to the recipient's mobile phones. No user registration is required, just a simple sign-on with QR code or SMS. 

Paging Cloud

  • Works with SIP/VoIP and existing paging systems
  • Instant and reliable messages
  • Adjustable alarms that really get heard 
  • Simple installation
  • Cloud based management of different zones and user groups