Store&Play Audio Player


The Store&Play application supports audio distribution via IP networks when a fast or reliable connection is not guaranteed to the destination location. In a Store&Play application setup, the playlist is stored on a FTP or HTTP server, containing back-ground music, voice announcements, and the according scheduling information. By pulling the server, the device downloads that information in regular intervals. Three audio sources can be configured: Internal memory, USB stick, or internet radio with a buffer time of one minute. Whenever the audio stream is interrupted, a priority list switches to the next configured source. Store&Play firmware supports BARIMON subscription based service for centralized monitoring.  Store&Play is the safe solution from Barix to ensure consistent audio playback!



  • Retail in-store music
  • Music on hold
  • Looped messaging for kiosks and salespoints
  • Background music for hotels, restaurants, SPA’s


  • Local Storage and playback of Music, messages and ads (MP3, AAC+ and M3U files)
  • Content (audio files, playlists and config file) can be remotely updated via HTTP and FTP (periodically or during a restricted time slot)
  • Update playlists remotely and set them to play on a schedule
  • Schedule-based playback of messages
  • Playback of HTTP and RTP audio streams is supported
  • The device contains 8GB of internal memory and supports up to 32GB USB sticks
  • Supports a hundred playlists and 10’000 audio tracks
  • Fallback Configuration server settings in case of broken or missing configuration
  • Professional service monitoring via Logs from web UI, BariMon and SYSLOG