IP-система внутренней связи

IP Intercom Integration into security management systems


IP Intercom Application firmware is a flexible and user-friendly tool to quickly expand your audio infrastructure. It offers a full-duplex application for comfortable two-way communications in factories, office buildings or supermarkets. Integrates direct with Milestone AV server solutions to surveil and safeguard doors and workplaces. The firmware, which includes the Barix ABCL Programming kit, is highly adaptable and programmable to any customer’s need and allows an easy integration of Barix devices into 3rd party communication systems. Audio forwarding is achieved on the OS driver layer, which enhances sound quality and lowers latency at startup. RTP and raw-UDP packets are supported to speed up audio streaming and network handling time. All parameters can dynamically be set on a simple command inter-face, or can be configured from an existing platform. Also, the playback of mp3 files from a USB/FLASH file system can easily be managed with this application.



  • Add Barix devices to existing or 3 rd party PA/Intercom systems
  • Milestone® server integration for audio surveillance
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Adding new devices like loudspeakers or mics to an existing solution
  • Surveillance and workplace safeguarding


  • Elaborate TCP/UDP command interface to control the device remotely.
  • Sending syslog messages to remote host.
  • Streaming modes are “send always” and “send on IO/DI1, send level”, or “respond” 
  • DNS compatible for name resolution
  • SNMP protocol featured for monitoring device and stream
  • Streaming Destination IP could be unicast, multicast, broadcast address. 
  • Following audio encoding is possible: uLaw / 24 kHz,uLaw / 8 kHz (G.711), aLaw / 24 kHz, aLaw / 8 kHz (G.711), PCM / 24 kHz (16bit), PCM / 8 kHz (16bit)
  • configurable Audio Echo Cancellation 
  • The software supports two serial ports (most of Barix devices have just one physical port) 
  • Flow control can be set to Software or Hardware on RS-232 serial port
  • The streaming destinations dynamically changeable via the command interface