Audio & Control Over IP

Reflector is a service offered by StreamGuys and Barix which enables Radio Broadcasters to transmit their audio program from studio to the transmitter. With Reflector, Barix offers an affordable, cloud managed alternative to the traditional satellite approach. Reflector transmits audio from one source to an unlimited number of receivers over the internet. The intuitive Reflector dashboard allows you to set your STL application in a view steps and prevents you from setting up complicated network configurations.

Reflector is available in a compressed and an uncompressed edition. Both editions feature streaming with a low and configurable latency over UDP/RTP and allow to send contact closures over the same stream. Reflector has a failover to USB playback procedure, which ensures continuing playback even in the rare case of a network failure. To enhance your peace of mind, Reflector allows you to dial into your stream anytime using the free iPhone listener app.

With the new support for uncompressed streaming, the ability to send metadata along the stream has been added so that program information and ad break triggers are sent conveniently from your playout automation to the destination link. Furthermore, the support for StreamGuys' powerfull Remote Encoder has been added. The simply to configure Reflector devices will bring your uncompressed signal to the cloud from where you can enjoy all the features of the StreamGuys' sophisticated encoder.