Solução Áudio IP para Informação de Trânsito nos Túneis de Haifa em Israel

Barix solution provides automated traffic news flashes via radio in Haifa, Israel.

Stuck in traffic? Take it as a fact of life in the complexity of modern cities – or switch to a smart solution from Barix that links traffic monitoring with notifications via radio.

The Carmel Tunnels in Haifa are considered the largest tunnel and bridge system in Israel. The complex consists of eight bridges and a toll-based tunnel running 6,200 meters – nearly four miles – in length. A sophisticated network, comprising more than 110 video cameras, approximately 500 electromagnetic systems and an array of sensors, monitors traffic around the clock. Monitoring alone is clearly not able to prevent traffic congestion. But a smart Barix solution can – by connecting monitoring with local radio and broadcasting news flashes to every driver on Haifa's roads.

The Barix solution provides a reliable audio information system that allows operator interaction during daytime, and automated playout at night and during holidays. The codification is generated by a Barix Exstreamer 110 IP audio decoder that acts as an audio server, operating in two separate modes for day and night operation.

The entire system is an ideal example of how to use the potential of network convergence. Barix provided the missing link between the automated monitoring system and the communication channel everyone on the road uses: the radio.

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