Codificação em directo de Canais Áudio para Distribuição de Telefone IP

Barix IP audio solution provides real-time encoding and integrates seamlessly with a Cisco VoIP environment

The scene is a large room with many distractions and a video wall vying for attention. Does your staff need to listen to a specific audio feed undisturbed by others? Learn how Barix devices deliver the message.

Imagine a bank trading room with squawk boxes that need replacing, a broadcasting center, or an operations center with many live video/audio feeds. Or just one or two audio feeds people need to listen to from their desk when required.

In all these cases, a user in the room needs an easy way to listen to a live audio feed without distraction.

Using their IP phone or a software player on their computer, users can now listen to the feed without additional wiring or equipment in their workplace. Barix Instreamer encoders convert the source with low delay and high quality into an IP audio stream. The stream can then be picked up by the IP phone or the PC or even an overhead IP speaker. Users can choose from multiple channels provided concurrently. Using IP multicast keeps the needed bandwidth constant and low.

Simplicity is key: The sturdy silver box, the Barix Instreamer, is all that is needed. It uses very little power and once installed can be left to get on with the job.


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