Distribuição de Música e Anúncios na Zona de Esqui Suíça em Engelberg

Barix IP Audio Solution provides music and messaging throughout the Engelberg Ski Area, Switzerland

Bad weather ? Ski lift closures ? Rely on an information and entertainment system which puts the message through, everywhere in yoursSki resort. The IP based solution from Barix works affordable, reliable and effective.

Year round, the Swiss mountains draw in visitors from all around the world.  With a postcard worthy view, Engelberg Switzerland is centrally located and famous for both glaciers and year round skiing.

Visitors expect a high class experience, which includes the music selection in the restaurants and hotels. An information system which provides high quality music distribution and live, area relevant announcements is a must.

Since years, the Barix IP Paging solution is the perfect solution to inform and entertain the visitors with both high quality music as well as information.

Music playing in the restaurants can be controlled centrally, so the snowboarders in the bar get a different feed than the chinese visitors currently staying in the cozy restaurant. Live announcements are initiated either centrally selecting any combination of zones, or locally, including relevant areas. Automated message playouts are possible too, of course.

Re-using the existing IP network infrastructure, the Barix solution was easy to install and affordable. The flexible system, does not need a central server, but in Engelberg, a management console allows operation and monitoring comfortably from a central location.


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