Segurança e Notificação em Massa no Centro Fountain of Life

Barix IP powers Fountain of Life’s high tech campus for mass notification & security

Do you have a building or facility that you need to secure and equip for mass notification and scheduled announcements?  Barix can help.

The Life Center Academy uses the Barix range of Annuncicom IP intercom technology with the BellCommander scheduling system from AcroVista software to provide point-to-multipoint audio communications to 22 classrooms from the central office. Each Annuncicom device in the network is assigned a static IP address, allowing controlled communication to specific classrooms; or an all-call configuration to every device in the building. In addition to transmission of school bells and music, the system can be used for live paging and audio monitoring in security situations.

"The distributed architecture configuration eliminates the possibility of an intruder defeating the system in a critical security situation, as two remote, well-hidden hubs in the school provide all the power to the Annuncicoms over Ethernet cable," said Thomas Spadaro. "This allows us to access the central PC from an external location to listen into classrooms, or communicate emergency messages over the system to Annuncicoms in each classroom."


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