SIP Opus Stereo Encoder/Decoder

SIP link negotiation protocol based Codecs for audio over IP transport.

The MA400 SIP Opus Stereo Encoder/Decoder enables remote contribution links with SIP and the high-quality, open audio format Opus in a cost-effective solution. The advantages of the royality-free Opus codec are its quality, efficiency and low latency. Combined with the SIP functionality to establish seamless links across VoIP and other IP based communications systems, it is ideal for remote contribution applications. The SIP functionality in the Barix unit allows to dial another device or auto replies to a call and automatically negotiate a transmission link for Opus based audio streaming. 

Particularly interesting is the MA400 SIP Opus Stereo Encoder/Decoder for remote contribution back to the studio such as from sporting events. It combines Barix’ well know reliabilty in broadcast as well as in SIP-based telephony with the bandwidth efficiency of Opus, enabling easy, high-quality audio links to and from the studio. Barix SIP Opus solution family consists of the mic and line input / bi-directional mono MA400 SIP Opus Stereo Encoder/Decoder with PoE; the stereo decode only M400 SIP Opus Decoder as well as a forthcoming XLR based stereo versions, all allowing extremely cost-effective deployment. 

Main Features

  • Bi-directional mono Opus codec
  • Microphone / line level input
  • Audio level supervision with SNMP trap generation
  • Support of multiple coding standards
  • Line level output (balanced)
  • Amplified output 5W (8 Ohm)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Ordering Number

  • 2019.9263
    M400 SIP Opus Enc/Dec EU Package 370.00

  • 2019.9264
    M400 SIP Opus Enc/Dec US Package 370.00

  • 2019.9265
    M400 SIP Opus Enc/Dec UK Package 370.00

  • 2019.9266
    M400 SIP Opus Enc/Dec NoPSU Package

What you need

2x MA400 SIP Opus Codec

Documents & Downloads

Product Sheets

Use Cases

The SIP Opus Codec is perfect for remote contribution, STL and SSL.

SIP based Studio to Transmitter link

Live audio codec for sports or event contribution

SIP based Studio to Studio Link

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