Instant Alarm when your Radio goes silent!

Never miss a Problem with your Radio stream or audio source with the Barix SilenceMonitor solution. Simple to set up and always listening! Manage multiple SilenceMonitor Devices remotely over a Management Portal where you can see the state of all you Radio streams. SilenceMonitor will report any silence to your mobile phone instantly.

  • Reliably monitors your audio source 24/7
  • Realtime alerts sent to your smartphone instantly
  • Listen to the last 10 seconds of your stream before it went silent
  • Stereo input monitoring over RCA connectors

Devices Available for Silence Monitor

Silence-Monitor M400 Flexa

Instant Alarm when your Radio goes silen

  • Stereo Line level input (RCA)
  • External Power Supply
  • Headset support

Ordering numbers for M400 Flexa

  • 2019.9279
    M400 Flexa EU Package
  • 2019.9280
    M400 Flexa US Package
  • 2019.9281
    M400 Flexa UK Package
  • 2019.9282
    M400 Flexa NoPSU Package
  • Silence Monitor Subscription

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