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Barix and Pricer to Demonstrate New Multi-Sensory Retail Experience Solution at EuroShop

Exhibit will provide insight into how an interoperable solution across in-store music, advertising and electronic shelf labeling can drive stronger shopper engagement inside brick and mortar stores

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, February 15, 2017 — IP audio and control pioneer Barix continues to make in-roads into the global retail industry with SoundScape, its cloud-based solution for the management and distribution of background music and targeted advertising. For its debut at EuroShop (March 5-9, Messe, Dusseldorf, Germany), the world’s number one retail fair, the company will emphasize how SoundScape can further contribute to a broader in-store multi-sensory experience when integrated with one of the world’s most advanced and scalable wireless Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) system available today.


At Stand 7aB24, Barix will demonstrate how interoperability across SoundScape and Pricer’s Shelf-Edge Digital ESL solutions can optimize the in-store audio experience through multi-sensory shopper engagement. The solution will provide brick and mortar retail businesses with a flexible, wireless way to trigger blinking lights of electronic shelf labels upon delivery of a targeted advertisement. The seamless interoperability between the two valuable in-store services has been conceived specifically for the purpose of driving sales and interest by capturing the attention of shoppers in the aisles.


“Retailers must constantly re-invent themselves and adjust marketing strategies to optimize the in-store experience, and capture the attention of shoppers in an increasingly fractured retail marketplace,” said Reto Brader, vice president of sales and marketing, Barix. “This solution addressed the trend for integrated consumer engagement strategies that cross in-store layout, mobile phone interaction, and the traditional audio-visual experience. We believe this is clearly the way that retail technology will go, and Barix’ experience in targeted advertising delivery is an ideal match for Pricer’s innovative approach to electronic shop labeling. The result is a truly effective multi-sensory retail experience.”


SoundScape’s open and flexible Audio over IP platform simplifies interoperability with Pricer’s Shelf-Edge Digital ESL solutions. SoundScape is a web-based SaaS service that is easily configured to deliver audio on a specific schedule, including background music, voice announcements and targeted ads by location or department – all managed in the cloud for optimal efficiency. Barix retail clients in Europe include Coop Switzerland, REWE and Victorinox; the company also services small, medium and large-sized retailers in North America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.


Pricer leverages infrared (IR) technology to deliver the speed and radio immunity required for reliable electronic shelf labeling. As both companies leverage wireless delivery architectures, Barix and PRICER are ideal partners to bring a reliable platform to retailers that successful marries audio and data for the benefit of driving in-store relationships between retailer and shopper.


“We feel this is a unique approach that provides a single attention-grabbing platform inside the store,” said Brader. “We are excited at the opportunity to showcase this solution at EuroShop with our friends at Pricer, and look forward to talking to retailers and installers from around the world throughout the show.”


About Pricer
Pricer AB, founded in Sweden in 1991, listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic, is the global leader in providing in-store shelf-edge digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. The increasingly feature-rich Pricer platform is crossing over to solve key store transformation challenges such as customer and employee guidance, task-to-light and order preparation. It is also evolving to support shelf-edge customer personalization, data capture and interpretation. Pricer works with the world’s top retailers, small and large alike: grocers, DIY., electronics and specialty stores. To date, Pricer has sold more than 140 million electronic shelf labels to 15,000 stores in over 50countries.


BARIX: Your innovator for Audio-over-IP solutions

BARIX is a worldwide leader in the Audio-over-IP technology. BARIX products run in thousands of installations around the globe, providing audio to hospitality, hotels and retail outlets. BARIX is highly involved in the development of new multisensory technologies and supports leading retailers in optimizing their instore experience. The company provides software and hardware solutions for local and distributed audio delivery applications. Easy to configure software solutions allows marketing depart-ments and content providers to implement an elaborate audio strategy with background music and voice announcements to provide an extensive shopping experience to the customer. In a world of multisensory awareness, BARIX is your partner for Audio-over-IP solutions.

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Barix and Pricer to Demonstrate New Multi-Sensory Retail Experience Solution at EuroShop

Exhibit will provide insight into how an interoperable solution across in-store music, advertising and electronic shelf labeling...

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