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Why is OPUS a superior audio format?

Three reasons why OPUS is an awesome format.

At Barix we are being asked why we have built Opus in the SIP Opus Codec.


Reasons for Opus:

1. The quality is outstanding. Opus beats Vorbis and MP3 in high and low bandwith setups

2. Opus is an open, royalty-free format which is very versatile

3. The super short latency of Opus is ideal for real-time applications of music and speech


Because the SIP negotiation protocol works hand in hand with the Opus format, it is easy to establish a high-quality audio connection. SIP negotiates the parameters including the bitrate which is dynamically adapted up to 256 kbit/s.


The default latency of 100ms for encoding and decoding can be changed depending on the needed buffer capacity.


Part of the success of Opus is thanks to the Internet Engineering Task Force whose workgroups develop internet standards. Opus is definitely here to stay and the Barix SIP Opus Codec makes use of it as an affordable Opus solution in the broadcasting industry.


Check the comparison at the official Opus Website.