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Virtual NAB booth with Broadcast Products

See the latest broadcast products and get an individual meeting with Barix executives.

As NAB 2020 wont' happen, we want to take the opportunity to meet broadcasters and partners in a virtual NAB booth replacement. Just as we would at the physical event, we’re offering both an open product tour and private meetings.


We present the latest broadcast product news on April 20 in three sessions, allowing attendees around the world to choose the most convenient time for their region: 10:00am CEST, 2:00pm CEST and 1:00pm EDT (10:00am PDT).  Topics will include the new M400 SIP Opus Codec, uncompressed STL solution and Silence Monitor audio assurance device, as well sneak previews of upcoming new products!


A little Vegas feeling included. 


Check Virtual NAB