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SIP RAVA Client firmware update V2.14



Barix SIP RAVA Client firmware update:


• New feature 117.28: Added support for the opaque parameter during the authorization

                                    process for compatibility with some PBX servers 

• New feature HY-133: Added configurable global call timeout 

• HY-134: Auto hang-up timer extended to two minutes followed by pending call cancel 

• TW-13: CIP messages processing optimized to solve the issue of the CRESTRON

               panels not being able to initiate SIP call properly at first attempt 

• TW-14: The SIP client does not attempt a group call anymore if no peers are detected 

• Improved to handle failing ARP resolution over WiFi 

• TW 15: no ring tones for outgoing calls in Hdx -mode 


More bug fixes and improvements included in this version. 

Please refer to the Release Note for a complete list.

New Channel Scheduler

| Technical Update

WiFi Add-On for RetailPlayer

| Technical Update