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Simplified Instreamer ICE installation to start Audio Streaming

An upgrade to the Instreamer ICE allows to install an audio stream in less than 30minutes.

Engineers at Barix have created a fast technical solution to quickly install an audio stream. In reaction to Covid-19 we upgraded the Instreamer ICE to overcome firewalls and user limits. This is the simplest Barix audio encoding installation to date.


The device can be plugged into the normal audio system with Line-IN and it streams instantly to anyone. This allows you to put a simple button on any website to stream your event online. From the microphone to every browser (on smartphones and desktops likewise of course) for everyone to listen with one click. See a short video for details:


We decided to offer the Instreamer ICE with the streaming included for the next six months as our part to help the community to cope with the situation. After the six months it is possible continue to stream for free even without a streaming service (but with the limitations of 100 users as local server).


Contact your local distributor to get an Instreamer ICE.


Setup Diagram:


To get the free streaming upgrade, write us to support@barix.com and we will create a streaming link for you.


How to install:

Updated Quick Install Guide for the upgraded Instreamer ICE (Cloud Server)