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Open Beta: AudioPoint PRO supports 2000+ listeners

You can now register to be part of the first beta-tests. Up to 2500 listeners can join any event with their smartphone. 

barix audiopoint pro 2000 users

Starting today, Barix offers a limited amount of betatest licenses for the AudioPoint PRO version.


The AudioPoint allows a provider to stream audio to smartphones in almost realtime.

NEW is the fact that Barix can support up to 2500 listeners - probably as the first and only manufacturer in the world. 


Requirements to join: 2500 simultaneous connections demand a high-capacity network switch and well managed WiFi access points. Please make sure to partner up with a professional WiFi Network Designer. AudioPoint PRO runs pre-installed on an Ubuntu device or can be licensed for self-installation.


We invite you to test the capability of the new AudioPoint PRO. It can be used for live translations, sport comments (team specific), audio on educational screens, audio signage, or to stream audio in noisy environments. We're interested where you want to use it.


Our beta test devices are limited due to the effort we put in to support the selected testers. Write us an email until the end of the month (July 2019) with a message about the intended use: sales@barix.com.