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New Channel Scheduler

The latest RetailPlayer update adds a new scheduler function to plan streams.

With the new release of the RetailPlayer platform we added a major add-on for everyone who wants to play specific music during specific times of the day.


The RetailPlayers are now able to schedule the playback of streaming channels in advance. Channels that are part of the scheduler list play at specified times throughout the week. We think it offers an intuitive user interface to stream different channels every 30 minutes. Simply select the channel and pick the time.


The centralized management from the RetailPlayer portal enables the deployment of the schedule on each RetailPlayer remotely.


All functions:

  • Schedule channels that are part of a channel list to play at specific times throughout the week.

  • Device based scheduler to set each player individually

  • Remote configuration from the portal through an easy-to-use weekly scheduler.

  • Schedule a different channel to play every 30 minutes.

You can update your firmware automatically in the Portal or download it here to get the channel scheduler.

Surely a big step forward for the already feature-rich, award-winning RetailPlayer. More is to be expected.



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