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Instreamer ICE

AAC+ / MP3 Audio over IP encoder with line level analog input (stereo) and integrated Icecast server

The Instreamer ICE encodes analog audio into AAC+ or MP3 for streaming to an Icecast internet radio streaming service in the cloud. The Instreamer ICE also has an Icecast server built in and is able to feed up to 100 web radio listeners directly without the requirement to subscribe to an internet radio service provider.

Main Features

  • AAC, MP3 encoding with VBR, CBR option
  • Integrated Icecast server for up to 100 simultaneous web radio users
  • Line level input (mono left, mono right, stereo)
  • Supply voltage 5VDC

Instreamer ICE Installation

Use Cases

The Instreamer ICE is the versatile tool you need to easily share music, speech or simply sound. Use it to set up a simple company radio; set it up to preach the word beyond your walls or have it "keep an ear" on your factory's machines. The Instreamer ICE features two modes: "Built-in Icecast Server" and "Icecast Source". On the one hand, the internal, built-in Icecast server and its potential 100 subscribers is there for fast, small-scale applications; on the other hand, the Icecast source mode lets you feed a more potent Icecast server to reach larger crowds.

Live IP Audio Encoder for Streaming Applications

Shoutcast/Icecast Source Encoder

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Ordering Numbers

  • 2018.9237

    Instreamer ICE EU Package

  • 2018.9238

    Instreamer ICE US Package

  • 2018.9239

    Instreamer ICE UK Package

  • 2018.9240

    Instreamer ICE NoPSU Package

Documents & Downloads



Instreamer ICE Firmware V1.04
Instreamer ICE Firmware V1.1
Instreamer ICE Firmware V1.3
Instreamer ICE Firmware v1.4

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