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Mass Notification SystemMarket Leader

Singlewire InformaCast

Barix natively implemented Singlewire's Informacast into multiple audio devices. Informacast enables you to reach people wherever they are to enhance security, streamline communication and maximize efficiency. Singlewire and Barix unites notification technology into a centralized platform to help people communicate critical information more efficiently, safely, and reliably.

For more details on Informacast, check the offical Singlewire Informacast Website.

Informacast Mass-Notification for







Supported Barix Devices

The following Barix devices are certified by Singlewire to work with the InformaCast mass-notification system. 

For other products please contact Barix.

IP Former Audio Endpoint

Turns a standard speaker into a InformaCast compatible IP Speaker. Just plug into the network and configure in the InformaCast management portal.


  • Audio output (unbalanced) with 8 Watts @ 80hm
  • POE Powered
  • Mounts on standard transformer screwholes


IPFormer InformaCast Productsheet (PDF)


Exstreamer M400 InformaCast

InformaCast audio endpoint to feed an amplifier.


  • Stereo Line Level Audio output (cinch/RCA connector)
  • Ruggedized aluminium case
  • Ultra reliable with dual boot recovery


Exstreamer M400 InformCast Productsheet (PDF)


Barionet 400 InformaCast

A general purpose I/O device for many control applications around InformaCast: Destress button, Reading alarm panel contacts, switching lights, motion detector connection and more.


  • 4 Relay Outputs (30VDC, 5A)

  • 4 Digital Inputs (0-15 VDC)

  • One 10/100 Ethernet port

  • USB Host Interface


Barionet 400 InformaCast Productsheet (PDF)


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Ordering Numbers

  • 2020.9295

    Exstreamer M400 InformaCast EU Package

  • 2020.9296

    Exstreamer M400 InformaCast US Package

  • 2020.9297

    Exstreamer M400 InformaCast UK Package

  • 2020.9298

    Exstreamer M400 InformaCast  NoPSU Package (no power supply)

  • 2020.9301

    IP Former InformaCast

  • 2019.9290

    Barionet 400 InformaCast