Audio Information and Monitoring system for Public Transport

Barix connects New Jersey Transit stations with advanced IP Audio solution for messaging

Train running late ? Need to inform passengers about an alternate connection or – worse - a threat ? A wide-area, live audio announcement system is key. Read on how the voice of Barix powers New Jersey Transit announcements.


The New Jersey Public Transit System provides reliable mass transit for commuters every day. Up-to-date information for the travellers is key to provide smooth operations in case of delays or unforeseen events. NJ Transit has installed countless Barix IP Audio devices throughout the stations and linked them via a wide area network to central operations. NJ Transit central operations can inform customers with both automated messages as well as live real time paging and emergency information.  Barix hardware also saves NJ Transit maintenance costs as the audio network is "supervised" and automatically checks into the audio delivery and system quality by means of remote monitoring the stations, using microphones.
NJ Transit and Baran Design Associates selected Barix for reliability, flexibility, ease of use and low cost, making the investment in this crucial audio information system affordable and operations simple.
The system improves customer communications, safety and security of day-to-day operations.


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