Freeway Notifications Using CB Transmitter Connected via IP

Barix IP Audio device controls a CB radio, allowing important announcements to large number of truckers

Long freeways, little infrastructure. Rod Breis figured an ingenious way to let police talk to hundreds of truckers on the road, using their CB radios and Barix. Read on to learn about the solution.


Australia, the land of vast spaces, long freeways, and little infrastructure. Trucks and long-distance ground transportation.

Informing truckers on the road about accidents, blockages and emergencies was impossible. Until Rod Breis hit on the idea of connecting a very high-powered CB UHF transmitter on a mountain top to the phone system using a Barix audio-over-IP (VoIP) device. Every trucker and every police and emergency car has a CB radio, but their coverage is very limited. But using a normal phone, police can now call the Barix Exstreamer, which connects to the phone system via an SIP landline. When auto-answering the call, the device activates the transmitter and sends the audio signal over the air via full-blown CB, covering the full 127km span of the freeway.

Easy to deploy, low cost and reliable in operation – in a word, simplicity - that's what convinced Rod to put in Barix to help bridge the gap to the truck drivers.


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