VHF Radio Simulation System for Tank Simulators of CAE

Barix IP audio powers simulator and training systems – emulating VHF radios

How do you simulate a VHF radio communication system in a simulator? Barix developed a solution for UK-based company CAE, and the system also allows recording and playback on a PC.


Battlefield training of soldiers is expensive and dangerous, similar to pilot training. Simulators are a good way to cut costs and increase safety, and provide realistic experiences.

Almost all such training systems also need to emulate communication systems. In a training system, communication needs to be time-stamped and recorded so a scenario can be played back and analyzed.  Barix, a provider of IP audio and communication systems for many years, was contracted to develop and deliver such a communication system for CAE. Incorporated into realistic hardware by the customer, the Barix IP audio solution provides a full simulation of the radio system, including side tone, channel selection features and noise. APC recording and playback program can record multiple channels with time-stamping, allowing a precise analysis after a training mission has been completed.

This application shows the flexibility and range of possible applications for Barix IP audio technology. Easily programmable, Barix devices can be configured to simulate and perform in many different communication applications.


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