PC Based Bell System with Barix in the Classrooms

Barix Exstreamer delivers crystal-clear messaging for schools and classrooms

Full-feature paging and bells for schools for a value price. Barix delivers crystal-clear messaging, scheduled bells and announcements, all over the existing network providing the audio distribution for AcroVista's Bellcommander scheduling software.

Crean Lutheran South High School in Irvine, California, and St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School, a K-8 grade school in The Woodlands, Texas, have installed Barix Exstreamer IP audio decoders to establish reliable, customized classroom bell systems.

The Barix Exstreamers work in conjunction with the BellCommander scheduling software, which runs on a centrally located PC in each school, initiating bell tones as MP3 files according to a user-determined schedule. Crean Lutheran South High School plans to extend the use of the system for morning announcements and emergency instructions in the near future.

The system is extremely flexible, making it possible to schedule bell rings at different times for the middle school grades. To enable this, six specific classroom and hallway zones have been created, with four Exstreamers on each of the school's two floors. Each Exstreamer is connected to a 70-volt paging amplifier that feeds up to 12 speakers through a single PA amplifier to announce specific start and end times for 26 classrooms.


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