Barix-based Bell and Audio System for K-12 schools with AMX

The AMX Schoolview solution, based on Barix IP audio devices: informs and entertains

Security is key for the school. Timed bells to tell when school's out. High-quality, school-wide audio distribution made possible by Barix. Read on to see how the AMX Schoolview solution works.

K-12 schools in the USA are the main market for the AMX Schoolview solution. A fully integrated, professional bell-schedule management and audio distribution system, combined with high-class security and building management features – at a low installation cost? Yes, it can be done – with AMX. And some help from Barix.

The system is managed via innovative AMX touch screens. In the classrooms, the proven Annuncicom IP audio devices from Barix receive live streams and provide talkback functionality. Be it anthems, live announcements or "just" the bells, all audio is distributed in pristine-quality real time. Signs and clocks are controlled too, of course.

AMX designed the system so it is very easy to install and use. All technical aspects are handled in the background so a school can be equipped and operational in no time. Barix devices provide best-of-class reliability, performance and a low price point, making it the choice of AMX for the Schoolview solution.


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