Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Control

Barix IP monitoring solution provides capabilities to control and monitor remote equipment

Tired of traveling to distant locations to diagnose and solve problems ? With a Barix IP-based monitoring and control system, it can be done centrally, reducing travel and optimizing resources.

Who wouldn't want to travel around the Hawaiian islands ?

Well, that's exactly what the engineers at Oceanic Time Warner, a division of Time Warner Cable are cutting down on. To do it, they're using Barix Barionet IP control devices to monitor more than 1500 digital and analog signals from critical equipment at 18 locations around the Hawaiian islands, directly from their headquarters in Mililani on the island of Oahu.

With the Barix Barionet IP control solution Oceanic Time Warner can monitor the health of electrical and HVAC equipment at its multiple distribution facilities effectively and reliably via the IP environment. Engineers pull various status readings and alarm notifications from critical equipment using multiple Barix Barionet devices connected to a single, wide-area network. This not only enables them to diagnose problems remotely and adjustments as neccessary, they can also use it to predict the health of future operations and so prevent system down time.

The Barionets can be programmed for individual alarm settings and generate e-mail alarm notifications, data is  logged locally for later access in the event that the link between the devices and the server is broken, giving maximum traceability and peace of mind.

As ths system is IP-bades it is also easily expandable to accommodate future growth.


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