SIP Door Intercom with Crestron Rava Panels

Integrate your Crestron Rava touch panels with Barix devices to a full featured SIP door intercom system

SIP Rava application has been developed to allow Barix Annuncicom devices to operate with Crestron RAVA Touch Panels for door intercom applications. It is perfectly tailored for the communication over SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and CIP (Common Industrial Protocol), and supports Acoustic Echo Cancellation, DTMF commands and control interfaces for serial and CGI. The software runs on half duplex mode in the common push-to-talk configuration, or in full duplex mode for synchronous talk and listening functionality. Featuring peer-to-peer connections, group calling or PBX integration, the application is the perfect client for your Crestron® SIP Rava Intercom System.

Main Features

  • Supports profiles for easy configuration
  • Configurable destination number to call for each input contact
  • Configurable call “pick up”/”hang up” timeout interval
  • Configurable “call/close on level” feature
  • Configurable “peer to peer” or “proxy based” connections
  • Configurable SIP and audio RTP ports
  • Support for G.711 and audio with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • DTMF door open key sequence
  • Configurable relay activation at call answer/call ring
  • Configurable use of beep tone on call answer
  • Serial and CGI control interface
  • Profile based WEB configuration UI
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection supports automatic network configuration (BOOTP, DHCP, IPzator, and as well as manual static IP configuration)
  • Several CIP messages are supported such as: IP_ID Tables of 8 entries, Receiving SIP Multicast paging
  • SIP Group call up to 8 peers
  • Works peer-to-peer or with SIP server (PBX)
  • Choose between “full-duplex” and “half-duplex” talk mode

What You Need

Annuncicom 100 or 200

Crestron Rava touch panel

SIP Rava

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Use Cases

Crestron Rava connection for door intercom

Peer-to-peer or group calling

Private house door intercom

Security check on public buildings

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