Automated school bell scheduler with PA, emergency notification and background music extensions


Together with partners, SchoolView or BellCommander, Barix has solutions for the education market. These solutions leverage the existing school data network to streamline bell schedules, networked clocks, audio paging, class room monitoring and help points anywhere in the building or even across an entire campus.
From one or more principle and/or workstations, the system is managed and monitored. Paging live or pre-recorded messages can be addressed to selected locations of the school.

Additionally back ground music, such as "radio" can be played at all times with the live and pre-recorded interrupting with priority. By use of touch panels in the classroom or auditorium the local functionality can be adjusted, in line with general rules. Like managing the projector, play movie, switch lights,  close curtains,  or adjust teacher's microphone.

Optionally, the classroom can be monitored with a microphone for the use of podcast or panic event.
By placing Barix Annuncicoms and Exstreamers in classrooms, hallways, parking, sports fields, locker room and connecting to the existing school network, makes all of this possible and affordable.



  • Convergence of several school systems (bell, Paging, BGM, BMS..)
  • Use of existing data school network (low bandwidth)
  • Central & local point of management
  • Interconnectable
  • Scalable
  • Flexible



All types of schools can be enhanced with these systems to meet
governmental regulations. Together with our partners, Barix offers a very
complete and flexible solution for every school or university.