Sistema de localización de personas IC

Complete Intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks


The Intercom & Paging Application firmware is the perfect solution for building intercom and paging systems over IP networks with a full-featured master-slave functionality. With this firmware, it’s easy to define groups and zones or multi-master architectures to switch to another control office when the first one is not reachable (f.e. during day/night shift). The same software can be set as ICMaster or ICClient after the installation. The client version supports multichannel Background Music and interrupting voice announcements. On the master station, incoming calls can be showed on the display, set on hold or rejected.  The additional ICgraph Java application allows to develop fully customized graphical interfaces for control, visualization and management. ICGraph is running on various operating systems.



  • Door intercom solutions
  • Emergency announcement systems
  • Large scale public announcement systems (
  • Night/day door intercom
  • Background music with voice announcements
  • Activate video surveillance when speaking at door


  • no server needed 
  • full or half duplex mode of operation
  • 8 configurable group target buttons, each group can address 128 devices with multicast or broadcast
  • With PS16 extension 104 devices can be addressed directly with unicast 
  • 4 Master stations support (PS16/ICgraph)
  • remote switching of client relay
  • Features priority notification port