Cliente SIP

SIP / VOIP Intercom and phone bridge



Barix is built on open internet standards such as SIP. The Barix SIP solution allows you to leverage your existing IP investment and build out a unified communication platform connecting VOIP phone systems, Building PA, door access and Intercom Systems.

If you have an existing investment in IP phones and a network, Barix can help you extend the phone system into a full functioning SIP/VOIP paging and intercom solution. You can unify your phone system with intercom and security by integrating physical door stations such as gate and building entry points. These intercom panels can now be tied directly to your phone system. Local push button of an intercom panel at a building entryway can ring to one or many master / head end stations. The person manning the location can talk to the caller at the building entryway on a standard VOIP phone and even energize a relay on the Barix SIP enabled door station to allow entry to the building.



  • Intercom and paging devices can have a direct SIP extension.
  • Compatible with multiple standard door/intercom stations.
  • SIP enabled door panels can call one or many master / head end stations
  • SIP peer to peer connectivity available (independent of a central SIP/VOIP server)
  • SIP to multicast support, dial an extension and send a multicast voice announcement over the LAN
  • High quality voice audio, with a small network footprint.
  • Full duplex audio
  • Acoustic echo cancellation support



Bridging SIP/VOIP phone systems to campus "infrastructure" such as over head speakers, gate control and intercom/door panels for classrooms and door entry locations.

Schools, hospitals, office buildings or any large installation IP infrastructure looking to unify their audio systems.