SoundScape is a new Barix solution to manage audio distribution system over IP networks.



SoundScape consists of a centralized management portal and player devices at multiple locations. The system allows the user to manage, configure and schedule the SoundScape players and its content, and monitor device status network-wide.

Soundscape supports live streaming content as well as pre-downloaded content with scheduled playback times.SoundScape is used typically in the retail environment (shops) to distribute background music and targeted advertisements with simplicity. It is also ideal in any environment that requires a centralized audio distribution system, includinghotel rooms, restaurants, bars or classrooms.



  • Centrally manage devices, content and locations
  • Generate network-wide logs and reports
  • Seamlessly switch between live streams and stored content
  • Insert targeted ads on the fly
  • Reliable operation, with automatic stream failover



  • Reinforce brand identity
  • Upsell your customers
  • Simplify multipoint audio distribution
  • Streamline network management


  • Centralized management software (monthly subscription fee)
  • Reliable audio players with high-quality music reproduction
  • Dynamic ad insertions with seamless fade-in/out
  • Seamless switching between live streams, stored playlists
  • Alarm generation, network reporting for monitoring and troubleshooting



  • Single-location playout (clubs, small shops and offices)
  • Large campuses, transportation centers (universities, airports)
  • Multi-location networks (retail, hotel chains)
  • Anywhere background music, targeted advertising is desired for entertainment, information