Programmable I/O device server


The Barix Barionet is a universal, versatile network-to-real-world interface. It works as a reliable intermediate between host based data collection and control applications. The device provides a variety of interfaces such as contact closure, analog and serial. The host interface supports multiple industry-standard protocols. For special applications which require local intelligence, the device can be programmed to run custom protocols, compact data, or take local decisions.

From simple remote-io monitoring to standalone HVAC management solutions with web control interface and email alarming, the Barionet is the affordable, reliable solution.



  • The Barionet is a network connected, reliable IO interface device with intelligence, using minium power (1-2W) to operate.
  • On the 10/100 Ethernet port, it supports a wealth of protocols, including SNMP, Modbus/TCP, HTTP/CGI and TCP/UDP based ASCII . Using those protocols, both IT as well as automation systems can easily talk to the real world connected to the device through its various interfaces.
  • 2 Serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485) can be tunneled over TCP or interpreted locally by a program. Extension modules to increase the number of IO points can be added.
  • A control program can optionally be loaded to implement local intelligence, protocols to read from serial devices, to send SMS via a 3G modem and the like. Open source programs are available for many applications, to control local I/O extensions etc. The development of such programs is easy and the development system available free of charge.



The Barionet solution is used in thousands of installations around the world to interact with: PV (photovoltaic) and other power systems, buildings, wiring cabinets and server rooms. It interfaces home automation systems to the real world and special applications such as web enabling scanners, tunneling contcact closures over IP, even RFID/accesss control applications using the Wiegand Reader interface are in service since more than 10 years.