Sistema de información por audio IP para pasajeros

Barix IP Audio devices provide announcements and intercom functionality for São Paulo Metro carriages

Live announcements, station announcements and door intercom to the train driver in case of emergency – all done using Barix devices in the São Paulo Metro.

Opened in 1974, the São Paulo Metro operates five lines with 64 stations, with an overall length of about 45 miles – including some underground sections. A modernization project has begun and is set for completion in 2014.

As part of this project, the 25 trains with six carriages each are being upgraded and equipped with an IP- based, state-of-the art passenger information and intercom system by Ortics, Switzerland.

The Ortics system is based on Barix Annuncicom devices, which are designed to withstand the harsh environment of rolling stock. Annuncicom 155 IP intercom devices are used for the door intercoms. A custom product variant is integrated directly into the overhead announcement amplifier racks. Safety announcements have priority over operational announcements, and the Barix components monitor connected peripherals to detect component failures or vandalism automatically.


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