Sistema de información e intercomunicación para pasajeros de tren

Barix IP Audio devices used for an in-train Information systemby Railtec for MOB Railways, Switzerland

How can tourists find out the name of the mountain they’re passing on the left-hand side – and how can they call for help in the event of problems? Simple: with Barix devices ... installed in the Goldenpass Carriages.


Railtec Systems, a well-known provider of Passenger Information Systems in Switzerland and abroad, provides an IP-based passenger intercom and information system for Montreux Oberland Bernois Railways (MOB) in Switzerland. Visitors from all over the world as well as locals take the scenic train rides and want to be informed and entertained throughout the ride. When there is a problem, MOB operations rely on the announcement, help and intercom functionalities the system provides, both at the doors as well as through overhead speakers.

Railtec selected the Barix Annuncicom 155 and an OEM device for the implementation of the system. Barix bespoke flexibility, reliability and simplicity of installation, along with the excellent audio quality, made the choice easy. Being fully IP-based, the solution sets the bar for in-train audio systems.


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