Sistema de control de multitudes y de notificación masiva

City-wide, IP-based announcement, paging and emergency messaging system for crowd management at World Youth Day, Sydney, Australia

Hundreds of thousands of youngsters filling the streets of Sydney for the World Youth Day – how do you inform and control the masses? With a solution based on Barix, of course.


The Catholic Church’s World Youth Day is the largest youth event in the world. In 2008, the event took place in Sydney and its inner suburbs, Australia. The week-long series of events culminated in a final mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI.

The PA People, a well-known Sydney audio contractor, was hired to provide an effective and reliable mass notification system to inform and direct the young people attending the event from all around the world.

The system they deployed used 270 pre-recorded announcements stored in the Barix devices at the end points, which were updated over the 3G WAN as required. For emergency situations, there was also the option of live paging.

Moving to Barix IP audio devices and technologies helped The PA People to be independent of landline connectivity at all the necessary locations. Combining locally stored messages and live paging effectively leveraged the 3G wireless data network.


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