Solución de audio-vigilancia para reducir los robos en tiendas de Industrias Goodwill

Barix IP Audio surveillance reduces theft and vandalism at Goodwill retail stores

Video surveillance helps to monitor theft, but does not prevent it. Adding interactive voice functionality, security personnel can address the thief personally and in real time. As a result, most culprits drop the goods and leave.


Non-profit organization Goodwill Industries of Texas operates stores and, like most other store operators, installed video surveillance systems to reduce theft and vandalism. However, when witnessing a theft, the security personal only had the option of calling the police, which does not prevent the theft, due to the response time involved.

By adding a voice function to the video surveillance system, the situation dramatically improved. Since the system was installed, the security team has been able to address the thief live while he is on the site and let him know he is being recorded. The result has been a 99% reduction in theft and vandalism, with savings in the range of $10,000 per week for Goodwill.

Goodwill Industries picked the Barix IP paging and intercom solution to complement their CCTV system based on low cost, reliability, simple installation and ease of use. The solution works independently of the CCTV system, so no work was needed to integrate the systems.


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