Sistema de alarma por voz para un complejo turístico de las Islas Maldivas

Barix IP Audio system enhances security for at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, Maldives

Notifying resort guests of any emergency situation and relaying important information is essential in an extensive resort. A Barix audio-over-IP solution is now installed in the Maldives.


The Kandooma resort is a full-service, 160-room resort located on Kandooma Island on the South Male Atoll in the Maldives Islands. Along with its beautiful setting and the high standards of service provided, the hotel rates highly among guests for its security and modern technology.

EIT Private Limited was hired to plan and install an advanced audio system.

The resort is now relying on a Barix audio-over-IP solution to increase guest security through resort-wide audio notifications. The solution doubles as a background music distribution system, and can be used to relay information both through automated prerecorded multi-lingual messages and live announcements.

The flexible, affordable and reliable Barix solution contributes to the simplicity of the infrastructure in the resort as it can operate over the existing network, and this was a key argument in the selection process.


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