Grabación en audio IP de las clases impartidas en universidades de Estados Unidos

Barix IP audio solution provides reliable recording system

Do you have a building or facility that you need to secure and equip for mass notification and scheduled announcements?  Barix can help.

The Instreamer audio encoding devices are being used in a lecture recording pilot program at Mississippi State University. The devices are currently used to record lectures across several departments, including communications, human sciences and the university's veterinary school, and offer them as Podcasts to both on-campus and distance learning students.

The Barix Instreamer was selected for its ability to record high quality audio directly into the university's server.

Mississippi State University is integrating the Instreamer into existing classroom lectern devices that feature audio mixers, amplifiers and other devices. The lecture recordings are captured from microphones in the classroom and sent through the audio mixer to the Instreamer, which encodes the signal to digital for storage on the university's server. Students can access the lecture recordings over the Internet at any time, and professors have the opportunity to add metadata following the lectures.

Exceptional audio quality, open standards and ease of installation were a few of the reasons Mississippi selected Barix and specifically the Instreamer 100 to solve their podcasting and classroom lecture recording.


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