Radio comercial en directo para las cadenas de tiendas Rewe de Austria

Live Shopping Radio delivered to thousands of locations via IP networks

Live audio distribution nationwide – need to use Satellite, right ? Not any more ! Rewe Austria turned to a flexible, lower cost IP distribution solution from Barix, distributing live radio to thousands of locations.


The Rewe Group owns multiple store chains in Austria and other european countries. An alternative to an existing satellite based audio distribution system for Radio Max, Rewe's premium live shopping radio, was evaluated.
Rewe chose the Barix solution. Based on Barix' reliable Exstreamer devices, Rewe achieved cost savings, a quality increase and more flexibility. Telecom Austria, the IP connectivity provider to Rewe, installed a special Barix solution in the network cloud to replicate the live audio feeds to thousands of locations without the need for maintenance-heavy servers.
Since its installation in 2006, Rewe enjoys a reliable, flexible and cost-saving IP distribution system for live Audio, which has recently been expanded to other countries and store brands.

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