Sistema de radio comercial basado en IP

Barix solution provides local music and customized advertisement playback in retail chains over Europe

Customized radio without streaming. The Barix Store and Play solution updates over the network overnight and plays music and ads on schedule, freeing the network through business hours.


Shopping radio is one of the easiest ways to increase sales in retail stores: With carefully selected music and commercials at regular intervals, the channel is audible despite being generally considered non-intrusive, and works really well to get the message through.

When bandwidth is reliably available, most retailers pick a streaming solution from Barix and a content partner for reasons of simplicity. However, where a reliable connection with guaranteed bandwidth is not available, the "Store and Play" solution from Barix is ideal. Music, commercials and a playlist are downloaded just once and only content changing is updated (typically overnight). Playback is controlled by a playlist mechanism which supports sophisticated schedules and is managed remotely. Download/update times are configurable, and the functionality of this very reliable system can be managed centrally.

If required, the system can be turned into an online streaming system at any time, so investment in the Barix system is future proof.


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