Monitorización en directo fiable para Broadcast Australia

IP-based audio monitoring solution for FM radio transmitters – and more

How do you ensure your FM broadcast really reaches the listeners? Broadcast Australia operates a monitoring system which uses tuners and Barix IP audio encoders, allowing support staff to listen in remotely, all over Australia.

Technical transmitter monitoring cannot guarantee that a listener using an FM radio can hear the station with good quality reception. If listeners complain, the technical staff of Broadcast Australia can use a tuner within the reception area of that specific transmitter and "listen in", remotely. This is achieved by deploying Barix Instreamer devices - reliable IP audio encoders – with FM tuners attached,  all over Australia and connecting them via a nationwide IP network.

Operators in control centers can simply use a common media player to listen to the stream encoded by the Instreamers. In addition to the operator listening in person, the Instreamer device can also automatically trigger an alarm if the signal quality fails to meet certain predefined criteria.

Obviously, confidence checking or "listening in" is not limited to radio stations – many other applications of this Barix solution have been installed or can be envisaged, covering everything from monitoring whales to surveillance applications.

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