Red de contribución IP en directo para los Juegos de la Commonwealth en la India

Reliable bi-directional audio for hundreds of sports venues with Barix IP Audio products

How do you link a dozen sports venues to a central broadcast center in a location like Delhi ? With IP infrastructure and Barix technology, of course !  Find out more how Barix performed in this large-scale event ...

World Commonwealth Games in India: A huge sports event, with 12 venues distributed over Delhi. A central broadcasting center hosts the international broadcasting crowds. Commentators and cameramen are at the venues. How do you connect all these locations with live audio feeds ?
With a Cisco based MPLS network and Barix IP audio devices, hundreds of contribution and coordination feeds where operated for the games, with zero downtime, providing high quality and low latency.
No servers or other central infrastructure is needed – the system is perfectly scaleable. Setup is simple – two devices work together at opposite sides of the link to form a pair. The Barix devices start up and connect in seconds, providing the requested circuits reliably.
The largest sports event running audio exclusively over IP infrastructure so far, the Commonwealth Games have proven that it is prime time for IP Audio contribution and intercom circuits - using Barix.


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