Transmisión de mensajes de audio EAS vía IP para las estaciones CTC Media

Barix IP solution provides distribution of audio messaging for EAS system in broadcasting

Broadcasters need to support the Emergency Alert System to comply with the rules in the USA. CTC Media developed an innovative way to distribute EAS reliably to the stations using Barix equipment.


CTC Media Group operates four AM stations in the Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville market in North Carolina. The transmitters need to be reliably "overruled" when EAS messages are delivered. Installing a receiver at each transmitter location is a cost factor and increases maintenance costs.

Using Barix devices for his STL (studio transmitter link) connections, Mike Afflerbach, the general manager of CTC, asked himself why Barix could not also distribute EAS from a central location.

This is possible, of course. Simplicity is key with the Barix solution: An Instreamer encoder at the central location streams EAS messaging as required thanks to the integrated VOX function (streaming only when audio is present).

The Exstreamer devices, already installed with the STL solution, will automatically interrupt the primary stream and switch through the EAS stream to the transmission gear with priority, when active. No further equipment needed!

For Mike Afflerbach and CTC, the use of Barix equipment for the EAS distribution reduced complexity, costs and maintenance requirements.


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