Radio por suscripción utilizando transmisiones IP de baja latencia

Audio over IP: Reliable, low-latency delivery of live audio content via the Internet

Flexible distribution of a live sports event or program to affiliates, without the cost and complexity of satellite – a broadcaster’s dream! Read on to find out how Paramount Broadcasting achieved it.

For over ten years, the Texas-based Paramount Broadcasting Corporation has been delivering the hugely popular "West Texas Friday Night Scoreboard Show" from a central studio to 35 affiliates in 33 markets.

Problems with satellite delivery prompted Paramount Broadcasting to look for a different way to supply its program. Paramount found the perfect solution with the help of Barix:

At Paramount's flagship station, KFLP, the live feed is encoded by a Barix Instreamer and streamed over the Internet to StreamGuys, a long-time service partner of Barix. The cloud-based StreamGuys service cleverly multiplies the feed, and Barix Exstreamer decoders at the affiliates, including KFLP, pull the stream and output the restored audio signal with low latency and excellent quality.

The solution maintains outstanding quality throughout the transport chain and serves as a very cost-effective, reliable satellite substitute. Paramount found the solution to their problem with Barix. You can, too.


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