Grabaciones de audio de los Plenos en Turín (Italia)

Barix IP audio solution provides scaleable recording solution with one-click activation

Do you need managed, reliable recording of town meetings, court cases, conferences or lectures?
Learn how the city of Turin in Italy records town meetings using an innovative system from Barix.

Ranking third in Italy by GDP, Turin is a major European industrial center. The city administration is modern and effective. Town meetings have to be recorded and archived reliably.

With the installation of a Barix IP-based recording system, recording council meetings in Turin is now simpler than ever.

A mouse click in the control room is enough to initiate recording of a session in any of the eight meeting rooms. The audio track is recorded either locally in the room onto a USB stick or direct to the centralized server, or both. After the session is finished, the recording is automatically archived and can be accessed via FTP.

The Barix solution uses Annuncicom IP audio devices in the meeting rooms and a PC with management software in the AV technical room.

The management console also enables monitoring of the audio signal coming from the meeting rooms. With one click, audio from any meeting room can be routed to a Barix Exstreamer and listened to live, in CD quality.


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