Transmisión en directo del Festival Internacional de Piano (Italia)

Barix Audio over IP solution used for live, high-quality encoding and streaming

How do you enable the world to access live audio from a festival, an event or a club? With Barix, of course. The International Piano Festival in Trieste uses a Barix solution. Music brought to you in the key of simplicity.


The "Il Concerto" association in Trieste, Italy, founded 2007, organizes the annual International Piano Festival, featuring well-known artists. The concert series takes place in the historic "Teatro Miela".

Besides live distribution of the concert feeds within the venue, sending the live feed to a worldwide audience was a challenge for Ricardo Radivo, Artistic Director of the association. Using Barix audio-over-IP products, he found a solution which was affordable, simple to install and reliable.

Using an Exstreamer 1000, the professional IP audio encoder from Barix, the live stream is digitized and then distributed over IP within the venue. In addition, the live stream, compressed with MP3, is sent to an external Icecast server in the Cloud, providing easy access for a large number of listeners using PCs, mobile devices or even tablets. Access to the stream is free, and accessible from the website.


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