Singapore Power monitoriza miles de subestaciones eléctricas para prevenir el robo de cobre

Barix Barionet devices used throughout Singapore to protect power substations against copper theft

Decentralized infrastructure is prone to manipulation and theft. Barix Barionet devices are affordable and easily report issues to central locations, reliable and effective.

Singapore is known as the "Switzerland of Asia", having a reputation for its cleanness and reliable infrastructure. Power needs are high, with many air conditioning systems and factories demanding a high reliability electrical infrastructure, which is accomplished with thousands of power substations throughout Singapore.  Due to the decentralized architecture, these power substations are difficult to harden against manipulation, copper theft and other vandalism.  Using Barix Barionet devices, Singapore Power secures them against these and other threats. The Barix devices operate with swiss precision in adverse climatic conditions, providing Singapore Power the peace of mind that its vital infrastructure is well monitored and intruders are detected.
Using 3G connectivity, Barionet devices secure the remote locations even switching on lights for video surveillance as well as reporting environmental and sensor data back to the centralized command center. Due to the support of multiple standard protocols "out of the box", the Barix devices easily integrate with the central monitoring system.
Since years, the Barix solution now works flawlessly and ensures that the vital power infrastructure in Singapore is monitored 24/7 against intruders and theft.

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