Barionet Family

Barix X8

Key Features

Universal Modbus/RTU controlled remote IO device, featuring 8 TTL level configurable inputs/outputs. Special functionailty allows connection of Wiegand Readers and Dallas Onewire Temperature Sensors.


The Barix X8 is a universal, low cost, small form factor I/O extension device which connects to a host via Modbus/RTU. The eight universal, TTL level Input/Output pins can be configured to specific functionalities, such as interfacing to Wiegand Readers or Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors.


  • Voice Evacuation Systems, 8TTL general Purpose
  • Temperature monitoring, logging and HVAC control



  • General Purpose I/O (8)
  • RS-485 Serial Port (1)
  • Supply Voltage (9-30V)
  • Wiegand Interface capable
  • Up to 8 Temperature Sensors supported

Designed in Switzerland and installed in thousands of locations internationally, the Barix control products have proven themselves as a very reliable, versatile product solving interfacing, data collection and control problems effectively, world wide.

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